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For example, if a node has a health check that is critical then all services on that node will be excluded because they are also considered critical. Node_ttl – By default, this is “0s”, so configuration components all node lookups are served with a 0 TTL value. DNS caching for node lookups can be enabled by setting this value. This should be specified with the “s” suffix for second or “m” for minute.

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In order to change the value of these options after bootstrapping, you will need to use the Consul Operator Autopilotcommand. For more information about Autopilot, review the Autopilot tutorial. Scaleway SD configurations allow retrieving scrape targets from Scaleway instances and baremetal services.

Example Docker Config

# Initial connection timeout, used during initial dial to server. # Comma-separated hostnames or IPs of Cassandra instances. # Directory where the WAL data is stored and/or recovered from.

  • Runtime config files will be merged from left to right.
  • To explicitly link to the time zone database in versions of MongoDB prior to 5.0, 4.4.7, and 4.2.14, download the time zone database.
  • The ping time, in milliseconds, that mongos uses to determine which secondary replica set members to pass read operations from clients.
  • GCE SD configurations allow retrieving scrape targets from GCP GCE instances.
  • For incoming connections, the server accepts both TLS and non-TLS.
  • Send the x.509 certificate for authentication and accept only x.509 certificates.
  • One use for this is ensuring a HA pair of Prometheus servers with different external labels send identical alerts.

Some of these settings may also be applied automatically by auto_config or auto_encrypt. Ui_config – This object allows a number of sub-keys to be set which controls the display or features available in the UI. Configuring the UI with this stanza was added in Consul 1.9.0. Disable_hostnameThis controls whether or not to prepend runtime telemetry with the machine’s hostname, defaults to false. Circonus_api_token A valid API Token used to create/manage check.

Overriding Individual Options​

# Period with which to poll DNS for memcache servers. Common configuration to be shared between multiple modules. If a more specific configuration is given in other sections, the related configuration within this section will be ignored. # Signature Verification 4 signing process to sign every remote write request. # The default tenant’s shard size when shuffle-sharding is enabled in the ruler.


Min_quorum – Sets the minimum number of servers necessary in a cluster. Autopilot will stop pruning dead servers when this minimum is reached. Max_trailing_logs – Controls the maximum number of log entries that a server can trail the leader by before being considered unhealthy. When accessing this hidden route, you will then be redirected to the / route of the application. Once the cookie has been issued to your browser, you will be able to browse the application normally as if it was not in maintenance mode.

Testing Type-Specific Options​

The configuration is used to change how the chart behaves. There are properties to control styling, fonts, the legend, etc. – define whether you want to perform any specific actions before launching the application, for example, compile the modified sources or run an Ant or Maven script. Create from a template or copy an existing configuration.


Promtail saves the last successfully-fetched timestamp in the position file. If a position is found in the file for a given zone ID, Promtail will restart pulling logs from that position. When no position is found, Promtail will start pulling logs from the current time.

How to use configuration in a sentence

Select the staging environment using the APP_ENV env var as explained in the previous section. After deploying to production, you want that same application to be optimized for speed and only log errors. You must use processManagement.windowsService.servicePassword in conjunction with the–install option. You must use processManagement.windowsService.serviceUser in conjunction with the–install option. You must use processManagement.windowsService.description in conjunction with the–install option. The name listed for MongoDB on the Services administrative application.


Enable or disable the validation checks for TLS certificates on other servers in the cluster and allows the use of invalid certificates to connect. For clients that don’t provide certificates, mongod ormongos encrypts the TLS/SSL connection, assuming the connection is successfully made. Starting in MongoDB 4.0, you cannot specifynet.tls.CRLFile on macOS. See net.ssl.certificateSelector in MongoDB 4.0 and net.tls.certificateSelector in MongoDB 4.2+ to use the system SSL certificate store. On Linux/BSD, if the private key in the x.509 file is encrypted and you do not specify the net.tls.clusterPassword option, MongoDB will prompt for a passphrase.

Using other Configuration Languages

Your system must have a FIPS compliant library to use the net.ssl.FIPSMode option. When using the secure store, you do not need to, but can, also specify thenet.ssl.clusterCAFile. On macOS, if the private key in the x.509 file is encrypted, you must explicitly specify the net.ssl.clusterPasswordoption.

The jobs will continue to be handled as normal once the application is out of maintenance mode. Your maintenance mode secret should typically consist of alpha-numeric characters and, optionally, dashes. You should avoid using characters that have special meaning in URLs such as ?. Retrieve a default value if the value does not exist…

Vocabulary lists containing configuration

On macOS, if the private key in the PEM file is encrypted, you must explicitly specify the net.ssl.PEMKeyPassword option. Alternatively, you can use a certificate from the secure system store (see net.ssl.certificateSelector) instead of a PEM key file or use an unencrypted PEM file. With net.ssl.sslOnNormalPorts, a mongos or mongod requires TLS/SSL encryption for all connections on the default MongoDB port, or the port specified bynet.port. Enable or disable the use of the FIPS mode of the TLS library for the mongos or mongod.

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